Summit Conferences

DeakinPrime has run a series of stakeholder engagements that are unusual in Australian history. The summits were populated not with representatives from peak bodies carrying the political or economic agenda of their constituencies, but rather by personal recommendations. Thought leaders in the Australian personal injury sector were polled for their recommendations for participants and those people were contacted. Many of those people in turn made recommendations from their personal networks of others they thought would be interested. Through successive mining of personal networks, an exceptional group of individuals with experience and passion in the field was identified.

Rather than restrict the agenda, the discussions were organised around different phases of a compensation case, and the discussions started with the simple question, ‘What constitutes success?’ The surprising conversations that ensued were robust and far-reaching. Every effort was made to record accurately the thoughts of participants without editorial interference, so that their voices would be heard. Surprising consensus was found, not only across different participants and different topics, but all across Australia.

Individual state reports are still being finalised. A national report is expected in September 2012.

IEC Summit Reports