Consulting Projects

The individual expertise of Industry Engagement Centre staff, in concert with the faculty resources of Deakin University, have been used to propose a number of significant projects to help progress on issues of importance to the recovery of injured people and the enlightened design of compensation schemes. They include the following:

  • a proposed pilot project with Comcare (the workers compensation insurer for the Australian Government) to use the knowledge gained in ‘needless disability’ research to reduce secondary disabilities
  • a proposed project to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to develop the dispute resolution mechanism necessary to administer NDIS claims
  • the proposed involvement in the NDIS scheme design
  • the proposed involvement in the Queensland Parliamentary scheme review
  • research, development and implementation of a protocol to create a culture of safety, based on work done on cultural change in other disciplines
  • the development of a taxonomy of workplace rehabilitation provider services that would allow research into effectiveness to take place.