What is the Industry Engagement Centre for Personal Injury?

Deakin University has been engaged with the personal injury sector (work and auto accident compensation) for more than five years. We have met and talked to stakeholders in every Australian capital, facilitated international contacts and presentations and provided VET and postgraduate training to hundreds of professionals.

In talking with Australian personal injury professionals, it became obvious that the traditional methods for getting their input on best practices, governance issues, research translation and public policy were not working as well as originally intended.  Too often we heard the complaint: ‘We have no voice – no way to share what we know’.

The Industry Engagement Centre for Personal Injury (IEC PI) was created to give Australian personal injury professionals a voice, and create an opportunity for that voice to be heard. We believe that the people who are doing the work are the ones who understand their particular challenges. They have the information, research, ‘best practices’, informed opinion and creative applications of the knowledge gained in a variety of fields.  We believe that taken as a whole, the industry is stronger, more knowledgeable, and more enlightened than any of its individual parts.  The IEC PI was created to facilitate sharing of that expertise.  The more we share what we know, the better the outcomes for injured people.