Robert Aurbach

Robert Aurbach

Robert Aurbach

Director—Stakeholder Collaboration, Deakin’s Industry Engagement Centre for Personal Injury

Robert Aurbach is the Director, Stakeholder Collaboration of Deakin University’s Industry Engagement Centre for Personal Injury. The Industry Engagement Centre is a first-of-its-kind initiative for Deakin University, bringing together the established educational and training expertise of DeakinPrime, the corporate education arm of Deakin University, and specific, relevant expertise in personal injury system regulation and scheme design in a comprehensive suite of services designed to better serve the professional needs of the industry.

Robert joined DeakinPrime as part of the inaugural team at the Industry Engagement Centre. His previous experience in Australia includes presentations for the Personal Injury Education Foundation Masters of Business (Personal Injury) program, a visiting fellowship at the Curtin University school of Business Law, and publication, both as a co-author, and also as an editor, of several professional journal articles.

Prior to coming to Deakin, Robert was the President of Uncommon Approach, Inc. a consulting firm in the United States dedicated to workers’ compensation scheme design and evaluation, and has had the privilege of participating in the evaluation and redesign of six separate workers’ compensation schemes. He has been Editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions since 2003. His prior experience includes 15 years as the chief legal counsel for a U.S. workers’ compensation statutory authority, and substantial experience as a public prosecutor and legislative draftsman and advocate.

Robert actively speaks and writes on workers’ compensation topics in Australia and the United States and continues to edit the only peer reviewed professional journal focused upon workers’ compensation in North America. His current agenda includes writing, speaking and research in the area of the prevention of the disability that may be acquired during the process of treatment, claims management and dispute resolution in workers’ compensation schemes.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Degree from Boston University in Philosophy and Psychology, and a Juris Doctor (law) degree from Cornell University. He has received the Continuing Contribution Award and Francis Perkins Award for Innovation in Workers’ Compensation System Design from the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions.

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