Liz Vinning

Liz Vinning

Liz Vinning

Alliance Director/RTO Manager

Liz Vinning is an Alliance Director at DeakinPrime; she is a Learning and Development specialist with expertise in forming enduring partnerships in corporate education. Liz believes her role is to ‘provide learning and development strategies to corporate/industry sectors, thereby enhancing business outcomes, employee capability and capacity and on an individual level, enhanced self worth and self image’.

‘I consider the impact of learning and development across the whole spectrum, from what may motivate an organisation/industry sector to develop their capability to what motivates an individual to commit to their personal development.’

Liz first came to DeakinPrime as a corporate trainer in 1993, a position supported by her previous role as an academic with Deakin University’s Faculty of Business and Law where she taught postgraduate units in statistics and business finance. It was as a corporate trainer that she got to work with companies like Gas and Fuel Corporation, BP Australia, BHP Steel, Hoechst Chemicals, Mobil, Melbourne Water, State Electricity Commission of Victoria and Coles Supermarkets.

Liz played an integral role in the establishment, development and growth of the strategic corporate partnership between Coles Supermarkets and Deakin from 1994, and subsequently with all of the former Coles Myer Limited and Deakin University from 2003 to 2008. This partnership was evidenced through the establishment of Australia’s first corporate university – the Coles Institute in April 1999 and subsequently the Coles Myer Institute in November 2002. It was through this partnership that ColesMyer team members were provided with a range of professional development courses including executive development, coaching and leadership programs, integrated vocational education awards and pathways to higher education awards, including postgraduate study. External recognition of this relationship was received from Australia’s Business and Higher Education Round Table (BHert) Awards in November 2004 for “educational partnerships with a large organisation of greater than five years duration”, and from the United States’ Corporate University Xchange (CorpU) Awards in January 2005 for the “alliances” and “marketing” categories and again in February 2007 for the “leadership development” and “corporate/college partnerships” categories. Liz was a State Finalist for a Churchill Fellowship in May 2007. Liz now works primarily with the Personal Injury sector, encompassing the strategic partnership between Deakin University and the Personal Injury Education Foundation, and relationships with WorkSafe Victoria, WorkCover NSW and their accredited insurance agents. She also has responsibility for Deakin’s RTO delivering VET programs to a number of DeakinPrime’s clients.

Liz believes there is more to do for lifelong learning in Australia – committing time, money and ensuring that the organisation/sector has a learning and development strategy that supports organisational/sector requirements. ‘Business needs to develop anunderstanding of the consequences of not developing their people and the effect in terms of business outcomes including productivity, efficiency, capability, capacity and innovation. Also, we must consider the impact of learning and development opportunities on individuals and their personal goals, and ultimately the impact of these individuals on their society’.

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