Industry Engagement Centre

Professionals who help injured people tend to spend most of their time in their own “silo”. We talk to people like us, get trained by people like us, and rarely venture outside of the familiar square.

This website is designed to help us move in the opposite direction. Through it we will build an international community of personal injury professionals across all specialities that can share their expertise, discuss new ideas and approaches, and help us to access research and resources from a wide range of sources. The site is designed to constantly grow in coverage and value as participants talk to each other, add to the virtual library, connect us with additional resources and suggest new ways to work together.

Being quick and responsive in a changing world requires that we have the resources to confront new challenges. When we can respond to new situations easily and well our personal satisfaction and professional success will follow. This website is intended to bring together the resources, discussions and community that we need to thrive in a demanding world.

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